Thursday, May 26, 2011

What this really is about.

So I'm new to this whole thing and don't really know where to begin. I know this say music reviews but I don't think I will be reviewing anything, I just plan on talking about music that I love to listen to. Hopefully I will broaden my musical horizon through this and also share common interests in music with others.

EDIT: Once I get some posts up about the music I enjoy I would love to see some comments from you guys about similar artists or your thoughts on the tunes.



  1. Looking forward to reading your recommendations!

  2. All you gotta do is let it flow out of you. Don't worry about being neat or anything. You can't go wrong just saying what you feel about your subject.

  3. Hey man,

    I do music reviews too!
    Check out other basic review site and get a ground for what to look for. Otherwise, just write what you think.

  4. can't wait for you to get started!